Governor’s war chest filling up fast |

Governor’s war chest filling up fast

Governor's war chest filling up fast

Porn kings and Vegas casinos. That's who's supporting our governor — and how are we letting it happen?

We're declaring his second term a success, though let's not talk about where the bullet train or Delta tunnels will go or who will pay for them.

Gov. Brown has failed us just as he failed my father, on his deathbed. As my father was losing his 11-year battle with cancer he was determined about two things: watching every San Francisco Giants playoff and World Series game and getting into town to vote. It was an ordeal that was as sad as it was inspiring, as this legend of California land preservation dragged his 120 pounds into a chilly Ford Explorer that cold morning in November.

He was talkative and sharp, excited to vote in the governor who had helped him create his "Heritage Corridors" maps in the late 1970s.

Dad passed away March 8, 2011, just two months before both Jug Handle and the South Yuba River state parks were used as nothing more than political fuel.

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On behalf of my father, John Olmsted — Mr. Governor, you owe the state of California a very sincere and complete apology.

Alden John Olmsted


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