Government spending has got to stop |

Government spending has got to stop

I am always flabbergasted when someone writes in suggesting four more years of the Obama regime. How can any one consider re-electing him when he has done so much harm to our economy and great country?

Or … was that Bush? Even if you do not really like Romney, someone (anyone!) must be given a chance to put America back on track. Obama "the entertainer" isn't going to even discuss reducing our corrupt and insane government spending. He acts like there's no problem with $3 million to save a lizard in Arizona! No problem with leaving 100 military vehicles (Humvees) just sitting in the Far East when we pulled troops out. He doesn't even acknowledge these wastes and hundreds more.

Every single day I hear about a new program or expense that our government puts into effect when we're actually borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent!

The one and only place that ever mentions wasteful spending is Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. To NBC or CBS, it isn't nearly as important as Tom Cruise or the Kardashians! Why are we allowing this to continue? Why is it so unimportant to our government and to Obama?

Joanne Crouch

Penn Valley

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