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“Good ol’ boy”: complimentary or derogatory?

Publisher Jim Hemig, in his recent article, fails to capture the essence of the meaning of "good ol' boy."

"Good ol' boy" around here refers to a group of people who support and protect the status quo. "good ol' boys or girls" may have arrived here a few months ago, or they may have lived here all their lives.

This description of someone isn't complimentary or derogatory. It simply describes a person who thinks the current state of affairs is just fine.

Vision is a bad word within this group because to have a vision implies that there's something wrong with the way things are.

Members of this group may do good deeds in the community. They may do volunteer work. They may make generous donations. They generally have power, either financially or by position.

But don't suggest that there's a need for change. Do that and the "good ol' boys and girls" will circle the wagons.

After all, they are the "good people," and who are you to challenge them?

Jerry Henderson

Grass Valley