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Good luck, SunSmile Farm

Shame on NID. Several times I have worked for George at SunSmile Farm. The NID has been given him grief for years with water problems.

NID would come out and patch a break, not really repair it. This went on over and over again. When my veggie and tree went unwatered, my husband and I helped him get is farm on the map. We helped plant and helped at the fruit and veggie stand and in the fall with our old fire engine rides to the pumpkin patch. He has worked so hard to make a go of SunSmile Farm.

NID needs to step up and do what is right. George was putting out great produce that his uncle and his grandma would be proud of. NID is letting this happen for the last time and will not do the right thing. This note was not easy, since our friendship is no longer there. Good luck, George. I'm hoping that NID will do the right thing.

Ruth McIntyre

Grass Valley