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Gold Country Telecare a blessing for seniors

I recently sold my car, realizing that at the age of 90, the world would be better off without me on the road. Now I am discovering the wonderful institution we have here in Nevada County called Gold Country Telecare. I realize what a blessing this is for our seniors.

You have to do a little planning ahead by calling them at least one day ahead of when you need transportation. But once you are on their list, they are totally reliable and pick you up at your home and deliver you back.

The drivers are very friendly, patient and caring. I have observed how they take care of people in wheel chairs or walkers who need a lot of assistance just getting on the bus. One woman who rode on the bus with me had a chance to go to a knitting class where she found companionship and learned a new skill. I get a chance to go to exercise classes or to my book club. On Sundays, I get a ride to church and back.

Part of the fun is that often you go on a detour when several people are riding, and you discover parts of town that you have never seen, or you suddenly go back to favorite old places that you haven't visited for a while. I am learning that I have more time than I thought I had. While waiting for my ride, I get a chance to walk around a bit and enjoy the fresh air. I look at it as a new adventure.

Magdalene Jaeckel

Grass Valley