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Global warming hardly a left-wing conspiracy

I got a big laugh out of Thomas Crosswhite's letter claiming warming seas and melting polar ice caps cannot cause mean sea level rises and it's all a big made-up sinister left-wing conspiracy.

Thomas must be getting his science from the world renown climate expert Rush Limbaugh. Thomas needs to go back and take a few high school science classes. His logic is so convoluted and incorrect that I haven't space to answer its fallacies but I will address two.

First, water expands as it warms and takes up more volume; the oceans are warming. Second, the net amount of land ice from both poles combined is shrinking.

Sea levels rose eight inches between 1870-2004 and are projected to rise an additional 7 to 21 inches in the next 90 years, but that may be accelerating.

Storm surges can greatly multiply the damaging effect in coastal areas of a two-foot rise.

Even if you are a big oil climate-change denier and do not believe climate is changing due to anthropogenic causes, the seas are rising and acidifying with potential disastrous results for 70 percent of the world's population.

Michael Schwalm

Grass Valley