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Give the elephants a chance

At a time when fairs across our state are struggling to survive the funding cuts of 2011, we must make every effort to support our local fair.

The Nevada County Fair is a jewel right here in Grass Valley. I applaud the fair board for its courage to honor its contract with Have Trunk Will Travel. The elephants, born in captivity, rely on their owners to care for them. Like most of us in this economy, they are working for a living. What happens to the elephants if their job is eliminated? Who will provide them with a home and a purpose? Who will buy their feed and care for them when they are sick? Is being sent to a sanctuary where they wander alone with no job and no purpose the answer? When they come to our fair they are welcomed, petted, fed and admired. Let the elephants and their handlers do their job.

Let's celebrate our fair's agricultural tradition. Give the elephants a chance!

Barbara Rowland

Penn Valley