Give public television a try |

Give public television a try

To the woman who laments the bad content of television, I, too, am a mature person who does not like vulgar content.

I am lucky enough to have discovered public TV, also called PBS, many years ago.

You can watch it on KVMR, channel 6, or the alternate KVMR2, and it is rightly called "television worth watching." These are the only shows I ever watch, and I generally don't bother with all the other channels. In fact, I cannot believe that you have never watched it. From wonderful nature programs to Ken Burns' famous films about the American experience, "Masterpieces Theater," science programs and popular musicians, "American heartland" and Bill Moyers' provocative discussions with famous thinkers, you don't find any vulgar language or thought here.

Just try it, and you will be hooked.

Magdalene Jaeckel

Grass Valley

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