Gilded poop? Really? |

Gilded poop? Really?

I admit it: I'm one of those people who walks the Tribute Trail and whose dog occasionally leaves "deposits" along the way (which I always either bury or sweep off to the side).

But multiply my one dog by 50 on a weekend or 100 during a week, and it's clear that you have the makings of a real problem.

However, I'm not sure that having artist-rendered piles of dog poop — even painted gold — along the trail will alleviate the problem, much less help people to "get it."

What about placing poop bag dispensers at key entrance points to the trail and a few waste receptacles along the way? As for the cost, the Land Trust could set up a special poop fund and encourage donations to defray the costs of bags and collection — I know I'd donate, and I'm sure that almost anyone who uses the trail would do likewise. Maybe have a collection jar (decorated with gold poop even) in local veterinary clinics and the offices of organizations like Animal Save, Sammie's Friends and Scooter's Pals.

I love the idea of public art on the Tribute Trail … I just question whether dog poop — even painted gold — qualifies as art.

Joan Merriam

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