Gifts to politicians are nothing but bribes |

Gifts to politicians are nothing but bribes

I'm bemused by the ethics bills sponsored by state senators, meant to limit the gifts they receive from various sources. All gifts to these elected officials are bribes, and all bribes are investments. A return is expected.

They propose cutting entertainment-related bribes down by more than half, to $200 per year, and travel bribes down to $5,000 per year. Campaign contributions are in a class of their own. The only thing they really worry about is their reputation. In other words, they want to accept these wonderful bribes but not have anyone think ill of them for doing it.

Senate President Pro Tem Darryl Steinberg mentioned that they need to restore the public trust. That's true, but cutting their travel bribes down to $5,000 may not be enough to achieve that.

Patricia Black

Nevada City

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