Getting to know the ‘Downton Abbey’ family |

Getting to know the ‘Downton Abbey’ family

Thoroughly enjoyed the column about "Downton Abbey" written by Sue Clark.

Yes, we too are captured by the lushness of the surroundings, the fantastic costuming, characters and top-notch actors. Maggie Smith? Color us all happy!! And there is yet another long-running (eight years, I believe) program of this ilk, which was filmed in Australia and is also highly addictive. Try to find "McLeod's Daughters." You will not be able to miss it. I have one family member who gets it through Netflix, I believe, and has watched it at least three times, spread out over some time. This program is not about how the very rich live, but it is a pretty good representation of ranch life in another country. The script lets you into everybody's life of course and rather realistically.

Isn't that partly what we all like about "Downton?" We come to "know" these people and are saddened by the fact that they will not always be there for us.

Bernice Moody-Falk

Penn Valley

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