Get a grip, Caltrans |

Get a grip, Caltrans

I have lived in the Grass Valley area for some 40-odd years. When the Dorsey Drive "interchange" subject first came up, (30 years ago?) the whole purpose was to allow emergency vehicles quick access to the hospital. I think that's still a valid concern.

I don't understand why we are considering an elaborate interchange when simple off-ramps from both directions are all that are really necessary and are all that are really needed to allow ambulances a faster way to the hospital. Residents and returning ambulances can continue to go down to Brunswick to get onto the freeway. This would drastically lower the cost of construction, cut down on the amount of space needed for on/off ramps and make the whole process move along a lot faster. It would also solve the problem of where to put the on-ramps … personally, I can't envision on-ramps. There's no room.

Get a grip, Caltrans — let's get some out-of-control spending reined in. And let's finally get this project done! My goodness — 30 years is a long time to fiddle around with this.

Bev Gordon

Nevada City

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