Gaza conflict could be stopped |

Gaza conflict could be stopped

Israel could easily bring all of this violence and carnage to a screeching halt. They could stop using heavy military equipment, creating massive death and carnage.

Equipment we in the United States provide to them with no strings attached. They are militarily occupying another country and have been for over 50 years.

We're so upset by the Malaysian plane that was shot down. In Gaza, it's like three civilian planes have been shot down. A photo I saw yesterday was of Israeli tank shells in rows with young Israeli girls signing comments on them with dry markers.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer referred to West Bank nonviolent protests as "violent" without making any reference to Israel Defense Forces using live ammunition against the protestors, killing three of them. Two weeks ago, CNN caught on film two Israeli snipers shooting to death the two young Palestinians. And NBC the other day caught on film Israeli shells killing four Palestinian youths playing soccer.

This is what the occupiers are doing to the occupied. And who gets blamed? Surely not those who precipitated all this in the first place.

Dean Olson

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