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Fuzzy math

In response to Mr. Durrett's "Be Part of the Solution" letter dated Feb. 21, I'd like to say that living on a 5-plus acre parcel is just as green as living in town if you use your head about when you travel. My wife and I are about 10 miles out of Grass Valley and go to town about once a week for supplies, entertainment, etc. We don't even use a tank of gas a month in our Chrysler that gets about 24 MPG.

Your friend with the Honda Civic gets about 35 MPG and with a 13-gallon tank has a range of about 450 miles per tank. He was using four to five tanks a month commuting to and from his "consumptively wasteful" 5-acre parcel? Assuming he was local, where was he doing his grocery shopping, Fresno? Seriously, Mr. Durrett.

Co-housing community living may be great for some, but it is not a good fit for everyone … and it most certainly is not "the solution" to global warming.

Brion Coyne

Grass Valley

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