Frustrated with NID over outages |

Frustrated with NID over outages

Carol Bentley

I am super frustrated with our local monopoly and dynasty, NID.

Over the past years, they constantly increase rates and now they are going to receive an additional 6 percent each year for five years, where I, the customer, have no recourse because I need water.

The letter was to inform us of the price increases and the way to "protest" was sent during the holidays so they knew most people would be too busy to send anything to them in writing.

The NID ditch runs through my property and is the source of water for my home and has been for the past 57 years.

If I could afford a well I would get one because their attitude and lack of customer service really bothers me.

I do not understand why they need such huge increases for an open canal with untreated water.

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They have very little repair with no pipes to deal with and nature creates the water. My huge frustration is that NID keeps turning the water off for days at a time which means I have no water in my house.

A few weeks ago it was shut off from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday.

I survived by stockpiling jugs of water, boiling water in pots to wash my hands and dishes, not flushing every time and super short showers. My holding tank held out for that stint.

A few days ago I received a letter and next week they are shutting the water off from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon. I called and asked why and what to do.

The person I talked to told me to hire someone to come in and fill my holding tank during the shutoff.

I was disgusted with their reply and asked if they would prorate my water bill for the agony of the six days of the water being off and they said state law allows the water to be off 14 days before they prorate a bill.

If I could afford a well I would get one because their attitude and lack of customer service really bothers me.

We have some of the highest water rates in the country, especially for untreated, non-drinkable water.

I hope I can survive this next outage. It certainly is an inconvenience that NID does not seem to care one iota about. I certainly wish some of the upper management of NID had to experience four to six days without water in their homes and know how inconvenient it is for normal living.

For the past 57 years I have always thought the system was very antiquated and I am amazed that over that time they have not made any changes for the water delivery except raise the rates.

Carol Bentley lives in Rough and Ready.

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