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Four short letters

• To the people of Syria, I am so sorry for your suffering and for the brutal tactics of your government I hope it stops soon.

• To Bashar Assad, please stop the genocide of your own people.

• To Obama, I empathize with your outrage at the Syrian government killing over 100,000 of its own people and gassing another 1,500. Military intervention is not going to help, as much as we'd like to "send a message." It will cause more suffering, possibly ignite a larger regional war and will not punish Assad. Please send massive aid to the refugees of Syria. You might look weak to a guy like Assad, but really, his opinion hardly matters.

• To the Republican members of Congress, Ironically, by voting "no" on Obama's plan, the Republican Congress can actually save us all from a war with Syria. McClintock is leading the way. A "no" vote will save many lives and possibly prevent expansion of this already devastating war. Assad should be tried for war crimes against humanity, along with his administration. Immediate and massive humanitarian aid should be delivered to the refugees.

Itara O'Connell

Grass Valley

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