For the Bible bashers |

For the Bible bashers

I have been motivated by some recent articles published in The Union to share some facts about this amazing book. Logic says this book shouldn't survive — too old, too bizarre, too radical. The Bible has been banned, burned, scoffed and ridiculed. Scholars have mocked it as foolish. Kings have branded it as illegal.

Not only has it survived, it has thrived.

The Bible is the single most popular book in all of history and has been the best-selling book in the world for years. Why? There is but one answer for the millions of people who have tested its claims and claimed its promises — the Bible is God's book and God's voice. God continually tries to tell his people about his love for them. He wants us to enjoy the life he gave us.

It is not a hate book but a book of a Father who wants the best for his children and tries to show them how to achieve that. He calls us to love, help and care for others. True, not everyone follows what the Bible says, but don't condemn the Bible for what people do.

Walt Davis

Grass Valley

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