Fire Safe Council offers free defensible space labor |

Fire Safe Council offers free defensible space labor

Recently, I went to the offices of the Fire Safe Council in Grass Valley, located on Main street, and was greeted with courtesy and my situation was given immediate attention.

Within a couple of weeks, a team of eight young people, working through the AmeriCorps organization, with the guidance of a Fire Safe Council supervisor came to my property, and spent the day doing some heavy clearing of brush and berry bushes around my home.

I am very grateful for the efficiency of the team, the amount of work they accomplished, and cleanup after they were done. I was impressed by the quality of character each of these young people shared. I'm writing this in hopes that people out there, who think they may be eligible for this assistance, would feel encouraged to look into the programs available.

I was surprised to discover that I was eligible, and I am so happy to have had the wonderful experience of these young people who came and gave their energy to do work I can no longer do. For those interested, please contact The Fire Safe Council at 530-272-1122. The programs available can be viewed at

Christine Montanino

North San Juan

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