Fire risk too high for fireworks |

Fire risk too high for fireworks

Have all our elected representatives gone completely mad? Here we are baking in the hottest temperatures on record and we're still merrily planning to set off fireworks on July 4th. Yes I know it's important to celebrate on the 4th, but shouldn't a little common-sense fire safety be taken into account?

Every day we are reading reports of some of the worst fires ever reported, with horrendous loss of life and property, and we completely ignore these reports like it can't happen here. Well I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it can happen here. Why aren't the fire departments screaming about the danger? I'd hate to think it's because they'll lose pay by not being on standby.

Come on Nevada County, the risk is too high. Ban fireworks this year and set some sensible temperature, moisture content and wind condition guidelines for future celebrations.

Ray Bryars

Nevada City

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