Fire access a concern |

Fire access a concern

I read with interest Don Quall's concerns about the NID water storage work at Greenhorn Creek. Our family has owned a substantial amount of timberland along Red Dog Road, not far from the Greenhorn, since the 1940s.

We love and respect the Hansen-Bennallack clan. We have never met an NID employee that we didn't find to be very nice, despite 40 years of dealing with their acquisitions of water pipeline easements. We have never knowingly met a yellow-legged frog but are sure that they are very acceptable comrades in life, too.

However, we are missing the most important aspect of the work done at Greenhorn. Historically, Red Dog Road ran to the Red Dog Post Office and on to You Bet Road.

Every summer, California is engulfed by forest fires. Since the beginning of time, the earth's forests have burned. Man has not changed this fact but has only increased the number of burns.

There will be a fire on Banner Mountain someday, hopefully after I have moved on. Many homeowners will be forced to flee — Red Dog — You Bet — Highway 174. Today, maybe an ATV could make that escape, but a car with a family, never! The crossing has been destroyed.

Where are our government employees — the local fire departments, CDF and the U.S. Forest Service? The people and the yellow-legged frog need their protection.

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