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Fear not, obstructionists are sealing their fate

While opposition argument is important in political discourse, the article by George Boardman is simply a diatribe of conservative talking points. Haven't we had enough of those?

Mr. Boardman ignores the overt Republican mandate that they intended, from day one, to obstruct Obama at every turn and to destroy his presidency, even when he proposed policies supported by Republicans. Then Mr. Boardman has the chutzpah to complain about outcomes.

Millions of people will have health insurance and the ACA, over time, will reduce medical costs.

It must gall Mr. Boardman that despite Republican opposition, the economy is growing and the employment situation, while far from perfect, is improving. The soaring stock market, of course, must be a fluke.

While executive orders are legitimate for Republicans, they reflect a usurpation of power in the hands of Obama. At least he's trying.

No progressive wants to see the failure of unemployment payment extension, immigration reform, adjustment of the minimum wage, and economic stimulus as the status quo hurts our economy and our most vulnerable. The one positive is that the Republicans, by their obstructionistic and mean-spirited practices are sealing their fates with the electorate.

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