Faith in humanity restored |

Faith in humanity restored

I must share this story, and I'll keep it brief. I went to Tofanelli's restaurant recently because it was next door to the Jim Brickman show to which I had a ticket.

At dinner, I sat next to a wonderful woman, who shared with me that she was battling a bout with cancer. She told me that she was a retired nurse. I shared with her that I had had cancer twice in my early 20s … and had beaten it both times … I am 50 years old now. I offered her some advice on battling cancer and suggested a book to read.

Right then, I choked on a piece of meat, and could not breathe. I tapped her — hard — on the shoulder, and she went into action. I am a big guy and was too big for her to handle with the Heimlich Maneuver. Two men came to my rescue and took turns thrusting my abdomen until the food was dislodged.

I've done that for a few people in my career but have never had to have it done for me. I owe these people my life … literally. If I had been by myself, I wouldn't have survived this. Thank you to those wonderful people who saved my life. I love you all for what you did for me … and you know who you are.

Dave Gough

Nevada City

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