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Fairness and objectivity in our Middle East policy a must

Whether the issue at hand is U.S. policy regarding the use of drones or it's controversy about alleged American complicity in Israel's hellbent desire to settle its citizens in territories it occupied back in 1967, what's really striking about the daily cascade of news from the Middle East is the constant reminder of how utterly biased our policy in the region really is. Washington, D.C., both says and does very little to banish the notion that it cares only about its Israeli surrogate and also about maintaining the smooth flow of Arabic petroleum to Western markets. This has been our approach regarding these matters for many years.

The Palestinians, certainly, long ago dispensed with any illusions they might once have had about U.S. fairness and objectivity. In their eyes, Obama is just one more American politician who obediently caters to the powerful Israeli lobby. Their decidedly negative assessment of our president can only be confirmed in spades by the fact that he will be spending the overwhelming preponderance of his time in Israel. Politically speaking, the Palestinians amount to a mere afterthought in Obama's eyes.

Fairness and objectivity in our Middle East policy? They don't exist.

Frank W. Goheen

Camas, Wash.

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