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Fair elephants ambassadors for their wild counterparts

As an ardent fan and follower of the elephant company Have Trunk Will Travel, I am concerned.

In reading the letter printed July 13 from Greta Farnsworth, I am worried that the public will believe she is a person of credibility. In fact, the claims made by Ms. Farnsworth are her own interpretation of videos that were recorded, edited and released as part of a smear campaign.

In my multiple experiences with the Have Trunk Will Travel elephant handlers, I have never once seen, heard or otherwise witnessed anything other than loving concern for their magnificent animals.

Gary and Kari Johnson (owners of HTWT) should be applauded and upheld as leaders of animal advocacy for the preservation of an endangered species. The elephants within their care serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Allowing elephant rides at the Nevada County Fair provides generations of individuals a personal experience with one of our world's most amazing creatures and underscores the importance of their protection.

Ride an elephant, save a life.

Hillary Wilkinson

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Moorpark, Calif.

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