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Fair board’s open-mindedness a farce

The Nevada County Fair's Board of Directors meeting June 20 was a sham! The issue centered around whether or not to allow elephant rides at the fair. The majority of those who spoke vehemently disagreed with the proposal based on the inhumane training methods utilized to coerce the elephants into submission.

The opinions voiced were heartfelt, rationally expressed and factual.

After two and a half hours, Board President Browning asked for input from board members — unbelievably, the silence was deafening. As we were to learn, the decision on whether to honor or cancel the contract with Have Trunk Will Travel had been made prior to the meeting — that being, the contract would stand.

The so-called open-mindedness by the fair board to hear opposing opinions was a farce, the height of hypocrisy and insulting to everyone who tried to make a positive difference in this matter. Any board of directors with a shred of integrity would not convene a meeting already knowing its vote/decision was set in stone. I, for one, don't appreciate being played for a fool. You should be ashamed!

Sue Schwarz

Nevada City

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