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Fair board needs to get with the times

The fair board and others seem to have exhibited a rather medieval attitude regarding what constitutes modern entertainment.

Since animal rights and the people who support those rights do not appear to hold much sway in this matter, let us talk about the bottom line … money.

I am only one person, but I will be boycotting the fair because of this issue. I do not ride most of the rides anyway, so that is a draw money-wise. But I have been a fair attendee for 10 of the past 12 years paying parking, fair admittance and, most importantly, a considerable amount of money for refreshments, the vendors of which are primarily nonprofit, local organizations that rely a great deal on the money they take in during fair time. The money one person spends on these things is greater than what an elephant, for-profit ride will take in. I wonder if the money lost by these truly worthy organizations (and the fair by parking and admission costs) will equal the money taken in by the elephant rides minus what the company takes in as its profit.

Actually, I am really only waiting until the fair board OKs bear-baiting fights. Now that would really be fun! Oh, for the good old days.

On second thought, I think they are already here!

Nancy Stevenson

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