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Fair board decision will be on wrong side of history

An open letter to Ms. Sandy Woods and Mr. Tom Browning:

1. On what basis did the board determine ADI's video was "doctored?" Was an IT expert used to examine the video file? Or did you simply take HTWT's word for it?

2. The International Elephant Foundation is not a conservation group as you imply. Most of their board of directors and advisors are individuals linked to various zoos or lobbyists for Ringling/Feld and the primary intention is to keep their abusive breeding program alive.

3. Ride elephant to help other elephants — hmm, I think even a second-grader can tell you what's wrong with that logic.

4. Did you bother asking other fair boards who banned rides as to why they decided that way? Surely, you could have heard an alternative view rather than asking an HTWT employee how their bosses are.

5. Is Nevada County Fair open to locals only? If not, why did the board discount the signatures of non-residents on the petition and call it "distortion of truth?"

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All said and done, your decision will prove to be on the wrong side of history in few years as people become more aware.

Abhi Kulkarn


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