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Fair Board decision to bring elephants misguided

Nevada County Fairgrounds board members:

Before this becomes a statewide embarrassment to our county and community, please reconsider your manner of taking public comment and your decision-making process on this issue of bringing the elephants into our fair in August. Many county fairs throughout our state have refused to contract with this firm because they did their due diligence before signing a contract with them. And beyond the issue of if this is a good or humane idea, why on earth would the board contract with this firm and give all the proceeds to the firm?

You do not avoid liability for any harm these large animals may cause a fair-goer. And minors cannot have their safety interests waived by their parents as any experienced torts or personal injury lawyer can tell you. Beyond the animal rights issues, which are considerable, this firm's history and the safety risks are well documented for anyone who cared to look. And the issue of taxpayer liability and safety at the fair in this confined space argues clearly that bringing these elephants to our county fair is risky and forces the community to consider boycotting the fair, which no one wishes to do unless given no other choice.

I am predicting that if this very anti-community decision stands, the businesses that have sponsored the Nevada County Fair will be urged to withdraw their support of this year's county fair, and our county (our fair board) will be the cause of loss of business and loss of respect by many inside and outside our community.

Susan Wallace, founder/attorney

Scooters Pals

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