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Extremists? Hardly

How is it that those of us who want our government to stop spending and borrowing to cover the spending are called extremists?

It is not just about paying our bills — it's the spending. It has got to stop and now is a good time to begin.

Our nation needs a serious intervention to the addiction to spending called a balanced budget with strict spending limits, and it can start with Congressman Issa's bill to freeze all federal salaries including those of all legislators.

When was it that taking responsibility for paying for excessive spending with a goal of balancing our accounts became the wrong thing to do? We need to look at every dollar we spend and ask if it is worth borrowing 46 cents to pay for it.

We are at high risk of saddling our kids with a failing economy given to them by irresponsible adults who should have known better. Oh yeah, the addiction reached epidemic heights during 2009-2013 when our national debt skyrocketed to over $16 trillion. Current spending and increased debt limits just fuel the problem.

I know, for sure, my world is turned upside down.

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