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Extend Medicare to all

So our representatives, Tom McClintock and Doug LaMalfa, want to defund Obamacare. LaMalfa asks for constituents' ideas for increasing access and cutting costs. Here they are: The quickest way to cut costs would be to get the insurance industry out of its middleman position between our medical money and actual medical care. It sits there like a giant tapeworm, eating up about 30 percent of our medical money. We also need to get far lower prices from pharmaceutical companies.

The quickest way to increase access would be to extend Medicare to all. Any member of Congress who gives a darn about his fellow citizens can see that. What is happening in the House and Senate looks to me like these nutty, juvenile, ongoing psychodramas in which they utter talking points written for them by someone else. McClintock and LaMalfa want to defund Obamacare. I'd like to defund Congress.

Patricia Black

Nevada City

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