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Expensive dog infractions at LWW

Lake Wildwood Association has a policy that dogs are not to bark. They also say they have a policy that dogs are not to run loose. If a dog runs loose and is on someone else's property, where dogs are contained on their property, and the loose dog causes the contained dog to bark, the contained barking dog receives the ticket. If the loose dog attacks the contained dog and the injured contained dog barks in protest, the barking dog receives the ticket, even though the loose dog is on someone else's property. Tickets begin at $25 and progress up to $200 for each violation. Lake Wildwood continues to ticket this way, even though they have been made aware of the loose dog situation. In fact, they have even included the loose dog as one of the barking violators on the ticket. Management also stated that it has had multiple calls concerning loose dogs and even transported loose dogs on the same street, yet the barking dog, which has been injured twice, receives the ticket.

You tell me … does this make sense?

Heather Bullis-Cruz

Lake Wildwood