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‘Executive Orders’

President Obama should issue an Executive Order to raise the debt ceiling at his discretion without going through Congress. His next E.O. should be to tax the evil wealthy 95 percent to look like he's paying down his debt.

President Obama then could overturn the Second Amendment and confiscate all guns in America with two more E.O.s.

The possibilities are endless. President Obama could continue his rampant issuance of E.O.s by restricting free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. Then he could transfer ownership of all corporations, small businesses and private property to his federal government with another E. O.

President Obama then should initiate an E.O. to establish and maintain an internal federal police force to control dissent, forbid assembly, confiscate guns and anything else that stands in the way of his New World Order.

Then, President Obama must enact an E.O. to outlaw all political parties that disagree with him. "President" Obama's final E.O.s would be to eliminate the U.S. Constitution and Congress, while proclaiming himself King Obama I.

King Obama I's first royal fiats would be to mandate blind obedience from and absolute control over his loyal subjects.

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All hail King Obama I!

Bob Webster

Penn Valley

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