Et tu, KVMR? |

Et tu, KVMR?

It has come to my attention that KVMR has recently awarded the construction of its new location to an out-of-town contractor. I was disheartened to hear this.

Being a longtime listener and supporter of KVMR, it has been my belief that they were a strong supporter of our local community. It really saddens me to realize this is not the case. It is strange that an organization that asks so much of the community is not willing to reciprocate the giving that local businesses and individuals offer so readily. It also seems strange that they choose to use a company whose specialty is school construction. If I was looking for a contractor, I would definitely focus my attention on those that specialize in the type of building I was doing.

Hopefully the economy returns and the loss of the local jobs and tax revenue this project would have created does not hurt them in the long run. Personally, I will not be supporting them in the future.

Susanna Meyers

Nevada City

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