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Environmental impact study needed for charter school construction

Caleb Buckley's letter regarding the building of the Yuba River Charter School off Rough and Ready Highway is an oversimplification of the facts. Of 25 households contacted that will be affected by the project, 24 signed a petition against the project. The petition was submitted to the county planning commission prior to the second hearing. A "clerical error" resulted in only two households being notified about the first hearing.

At the second planning commission meeting, a number of Squirrel Creek-area residents raised questions about potential impacts. Concerns included: a projected 28-percent increase in "out of area" daily vehicle trips on Adam Avenue, a narrow two-lane road; increased runoff from the buildings; and pavement replacing open space. A geotechnical study prepared for the project states: "All drainage related issues may not be known until after construction and landscaping are completed" — not very comforting to families living downstream of the project. Is planned off-street parking adequate to handle events such as fundraisers, etc., and why plan to build a school on a known toxic waste site?

The neighbors of the Squirrel Creek area are asking that an environmental impact report be prepared to properly address a number of potential problems and develop mitigation measures to resolve the problems and not just pay off the city of Grass Valley.

Phil Hines

Grass Valley

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