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Enough is enough

It's time to repeal the Patriot Act. The government has proven itself incapable of responsibly using the authority granted to it under this law. The original intent of the Patriot Act is laudable: protecting the American people from attack by foreign terrorists. It's not clear, however, how this can be twisted into justifying extensive, intrusive, and, doubtlessly, unconstitutional spying on the very people the law was designed to protect.

Given a choice between the government demanding access to online passwords and intercepting our private, domestic communication, I'll take my chances with the terrorists, thank you. In its zeal to protect us, our own government has proven itself a greater danger to our constitutional rights than any external threat could ever be.

NSA, I'm looking at you: If you can't be trusted to play with your toys properly, we're going to take them away.

Colin DuPlantis

Rough and Ready

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