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Englebright needs better law enforcement

In response to the letter written about the "speed" (loud) boats on Englebright Lake, do you also want to "do something" about the fishing boats that can and do 70-plus miles per hour, or the "big air" (wake board) boats that make such huge waves that we can't even run our boats?

We, and a lot of our friends have "speed" boats along with patio boats, fishing boats, houseboats and "big air" boats. We have been on Englebright Lake for over 40 years, and have had no issues. The issues that we are having now are the "big air" boats. They have almost sunk us a few times as their waves are huge. You do know that you are responsible for your wake?

Our "speed" boats have loud motors, (as does the Army Corps of Engineer boat) which is associated with speed, that doesn't mean that we are speeding, we know the spend limit on the lake is 50 miles per hour. We can't even run our boats in the day time on the weekend because of the waves from the "big air" boats, it is really scary. Everybody deserves to have his or her time on the lake, so we just figure out how to have ours. I truly feel sorry for both families of the tragedy at Englebright Lake, but the rest of us should not be judged nor punished for the actions of others.

he old saying, "All are punished for the actions of one." Unfortunately that is how our rights are taken away, when other people judge people by the actions of others.

Glenda Daniels

Nevada City

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