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Enforceable CC&Rs do help

The recent letters regarding the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association don't tell the whole story. I don't know it all either, but I can add to it.

I was on an HOA board because none of the other homeowners wanted to do it. Some of us reluctantly volunteered for the positions because we knew there would be a need for managing routine issues: repairing pumps, removing dry vegetation and falling trees in shared areas, mosquito control, complaints, etc.

The ASPOA wasn't elected — because no one ran against them. They volunteered, as I did.

Lake of the Pines is $2,000 a year. Lake Wildwood is $1,600. Forty dollars (proposed by the ASPOA board) a year seems small. Maybe annual property owners' fees for new buyers? Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are rules that allow homeowners to use their property without annoyance, distraction or offensive use by their neighbors that fall short of being an actual violation of any existing law. Thus, the CC&Rs protect property values. Boards usually investigate only after a complaint has been made. The ASPOA board used an attorney to explore ways of enforcing the CC&Rs in cases of major noncompliance … incessantly barking dogs, front yards full of junk, garbage issues …

It took months to have my neighbor remove his new hobby — roosters. Enforceable CC&Rs would have helped.

Deborah Ireland

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