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End the elephant controversy and watch the videos yourself

To the Nevada County Fair board:

My family and I are done with the Nevada County Fair due to your ill-advised decision to have elephant rides there. We will not only boycott the fair itself, but every event we normally go to at the fairgrounds, i.e., WorldFest, Celtic Fest, Drafthorse Classic, MIM concerts, etc.

Be advised the only time you will see my family and friends there will be to picket the fairgrounds at each and every event including the fair until the fair board cancels its contract with Have Trunk Will Travel. If you wonder why event crowds are down from now on, you can ask the would-be attendees at the gates as we show them our "No Fun For Elephants" videos there.

These and similar videos are easily available to the public on the Internet, and we will exercise our right not only to show them to fair-goers, but also to the decision-makers regarding hosting their events at Nevada County Fairgrounds.

Any questions? Watch the video yourselves at http://ad-international.org/animals_in_entertainment/go.php?id=3098&ssi=7 or http://peta.org/tv/videos/animals-in-entertainment/1539214323001.aspx among others. The evidence is all there if you have the courage to watch them.

Bronco Stuart

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