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Empty progressive principles

Actions speak louder than words. Never has that old adage been more true than in the current scandal involving the IRS agency's targeting of conservative groups during the 2012 presidential election. The more the agency tries to obstruct the investigation, the clearer it is what they are trying to hide.

By already having led Lois Lerner to the slaughter right out of the gate (in spite of her having pled the "fifth"), it is patently obvious that anyone's head can be placed on the chopping block in this investigation, so why do they continue to hamper the inquiry? Why have they now resorted to that lamest of lame excuses: "Sorry, we've lost all of Ms. Lerner's emails." Why? There is one head that they cannot allow to be placed on the chopping block – the president's.

To affect the outcome of a presidential re-election bid, the sitting president ordered that most fearsome of government agencies, the IRS, to target grass roots opposition groups and prevent their organizing. How's that for Chicago-style politics? How's that for hope and change?

The rest of this letter is addressed directly to all liberals, all members of the Democratic Party, all of the employees of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, or anyone else who voted for Barack Obama, and who continue to defend his ineptness and malevolence: After all the years of fake outrage during the George W. Bush administration, where is the genuine outrage now? With such an unprecedented and dangerous act as this you remain silent? Actions do indeed speak louder than words, and what does your silence tell us? Your ideology and progressive principles are as empty and false as you are. Morally, you are utterly bankrupt and although you won an election, you've lost your soul. Instant karma's gonna get you…

Randy Richey

Nevada City

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