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Emigrant Trail worth a second look

Once again Nevada County has an opportunity to be a state and even national leader with the Emigrant Trail issue.

Once upon a time we honored certain presidents with holidays on their birthdays, but that was inconvenient because the actual days of the week changed every year. So, we lump them together. Clearly the same thing, removing annoying issues, can be done with historical sites — Supervisor Beason gave a hint with his comment, reported in The Union that location is not paramount.

There's even a precedent: Plymouth Rock is not the rock pilgrims landed on, and the spot where it is placed was arbitrarily chosen, although it is in Plymouth. Think of how much easier it would be to visit the Alamo if it were relocated next to Interstate 10 at a turnout. Replicas could be placed next to other interstates, perhaps using some of the original bricks to lend authenticity.

Designating part of the break-down lane of Interstate 80 as "Emigrant Trail" would open up this historical treasure to many more people, reduce maintenance costs, and generate curiosity in kids as they ask their parents why it took the emigrants nine months to get to California.

Ned Russell

Grass Valley

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