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Emergency communications needed in case of fire

About 3 p.m. on a hot and windy Memorial Day, there was significant fire aircraft activity southeast of Grass Valley, fairly close to my property.

Planes were flying very low while circling overhead for more than 30 minutes. I immediately turned on both KNCO and Star 94 FM to hear information about this situation. Nothing. Both stations were in pre-recorded format due to the holiday. I called the business lines but there was no answer. I was just getting in my car to leave when the aircraft activity terminated.

Would it be possible to set up emergency communications from Fire Service HQ to radio station managers? They could then use their smart phones to interrupt the regular broadcasts with updates at appropriate intervals. I assumed a system like this was already in place. If so, it wasn't activated. Those of us in the woods, and most Nevada County residents, would certainly appreciate an explanation. Thank you.

Jim Lewis

Grass Valley