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Elephants? What about draft horses and rodeos?

It amazes me how some people can get so riled up about the elephant rides and yet will attend the Draft Horse Classic and think that's OK. In some parts of the world, elephants are used like draft horses because those countries have no horses. We have horses, courtesy of the Europeans who brought them over 500 years ago.

To see how draft horses were used and abused, look no further than the statue at the corner of the fairgrounds. Logging with horses was a dangerous occupation for man and beast, involving hard work and long days, especially on the part of the horse. Rosie and Betsy have a soft, cushy job compared to what millions of draft horses went through to help build America. I personally have no desire to ride an elephant, but I did ride draft horses as a child. And there weren't any protesters around.

So, will the same people who protested the elephant rides be calling for boycotts and protesting the Draft Horse Classic? Will they boycott and protest the Penn Valley Rodeo?

Or is it just the in-thing to protest something "exotic" based on half truths and skillful editing?

Ron Grimme

Grass Valley