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Elephants? In Nevada County?

Under The Big Top! While I envision trapeze artists and unicycle-riding clowns, and the Nevada County Fair board contracts elephant rides.

Whether Republican or Democrat, logger or tree hugger, grandparent or infant, our diverse community blends easily at the fair. From 4-H animals to flower arrangements, the fair is a showcase for local culture and crafts.

In my archival research, however, I don't find any mention of early Nevada County homesteaders pasturing elephants nor pictures of elephants hauling ore during the Gold Rush. If we allow elephants, why not exhibit sewn garments from Bangladesh and jams from France's Loire valley? Elephants at the fair are as incongruous to Nevada County as a 30-story skyscraper on West Main or porn shops on Broad Street.

Along with disregarding concerns about animal cruelty, human safety and elephant exploitation, the board seems insecure about the appeal of our rich local culture.

As I intend to vote with my feet, you will not find my footprints at the Nevada County fair this year.

Ronnie Paul

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