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Elephants at the fair – Yay!

Many local folks are excited to come see and get a chance to ride an elephant.

This year's fair theme is Under the Big Top, so give the 17th District Fair, its board and the community a break. If you don't want to see the elephants, just don't go there. We have one of the greatest fairs in California. You can be sure that Have Trunk Will Travel will take every precaution for safety of fair-goers and elephant riders, and now they will take every extra measure for safety and to stand up and now rebuild their reputation due to your slandering publicity.

I am sure you would like to shut down every animal showing or activity there is in any species. You probably think that using any form of training/discipline in animals or children is against your beliefs. Just mind your own business and let those who want to enjoy the fair come and enjoy the parts of the fair they want to.

I personally know locals, including my family, who are coming to this fair this year just to see and ride the elephants. Chill out ADI and PAWS — it's not your affair!

Myra Davies Easley

Nevada City

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