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Elephant rides at the fair a bad idea

I am writing in regards to the Have Trunk Will Travel company and their proposed rides at the Nevada County Fair this year.

While not only disgusting to see someone treat an animal that way, I find it very disappointing that the board for the Nevada County Fair would even propose such erratic, irresponsible and abusive people to come to the fair. Being born and raised in Nevada County and having attended the Nevada County Fair for countless years, I think that this type of behavior from individuals is not something that should be represented or condoned in a county which respects and loves animals.

The only sense of happiness that would come from seeing these elephants is the fact that residents who attend the fair will not only show comfort to the elephants but show them love, which they clearly do not see. I hope that you reconsider even giving them one cent for their behavior and abuse.

Thank you for the consideration, have a wonderful day.

Ariana L. Powell

Grass Valley

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