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Elephant rides are inhumane

This letter is directed to Sandy Woods, CEO of the Nevada County Fairgrounds:

I would like to send you a quick note on my stance for the proposed elephant rides for the Nevada County Fair 2013.

I think that the proposal of elephant rides should be reconsidered. I have been a resident of Nevada County for 20 years and have been attending the Nevada County Fair for that entire time. Our fair is beautiful and in my opinion the best fair in all of the United States.

I would hate to see its clean and prestigious record be tarnished by the allowance of a group of individuals that treat their animals in horrible ways. There are videos posted by Animal Defenders International on YouTube.com, chronicling the treatment of the Have Trunk Will Travel elephants and it is quite appalling (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50wBdPhBQGo). I couldn't even get through the first 30 seconds of this video without getting visibly upset.

While I do wish that we could have these elephants come to our fair just so we could give them a sense of love and try to brighten just one of their days, sadly they will just be coming to our fair to be used as a photo prop and a sense of entertainment for children and adults of all ages, and I just cannot support this.

Please consider reconsidering your idea of including this awful company in our beautiful fair this year. I would hate this year to be the year that I do not attend the fair because of the decision to endorse a company that abuses and treats their animals with the least respect possible.

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I would like to direct you to my post on the Nevada County Peeps Facebook page as well. I hope this gives you an idea of how many people are in disagreement with this idea.

Brittany Dionne Neumann-Keck

Grass Valley

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