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Elephant ride a special experience

This is an open letter to all of you that have become so blinded that you can only see one way, which is "Don't touch, own or use any animal."

Yet many of you own horses and you put bits in their mouth to ride, or go to a horse race as the jockey whips the animal the whole time.

Many own dogs with a bark collar and an electric fence used to control them. You learn respect for an animals by having them, touching them and caring for them. The kids of today cannot learn this from a book or even the connection they might get from going to a zoo. Animals have been used from the beginning of time for our pleasure and work.

This elephant ride will hurt no one but will instill a lifelong connection to the very child that is exposed to this animal He or she will go away with more caring and understanding than could ever be instilled by denying the experience of being up close and part of what this world has to offer.

Rick Gerdl

Grass Valley

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