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Elephant company has special contract with fairgrounds

I am writing in reference to the Nevada County Fairgrounds' board of directors. These individuals, who have been appointed to a leading position in the community, have sadly shown disrespect for the people they are to represent.

It appears that they aren't really representing Nevada County, or we the people, in their decisions. A review of the contract made between Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) and the fairgrounds is extremely unique, as presently indicated, HTWT is not paying a vendor or exhibitor fee. The board seems to be providing them with expensive infrastructure such as RV parking, space, electricity, water and a large dumpster. Each and every nonprofit participating in the fair must pay to have that privilege. No participation fee is indicated, and all profits from elephant ride ticket sales are retained by HTWT. Absolutely nothing goes to the fairgrounds!

I am hoping that all local nonprofits who have paid for space at the fair will notify the board to express their feelings about how local organizations — which have helped the homeless, veterans, children and animals of Nevada County — must support outsiders coming in for a free ride. If they don't pay, it only makes sense that we do.

Ruth Brown

Nevada City

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