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Elections do have consequences

As I was reading Wayne Hild's letter to the editor of Jan. 3, in which he expressed his opinion that Republicans in Congress were hurting job creation and that "Reagan's trickle-down economics was a shell game," I could not help but notice both the front-page article and the "open letter" published on the same day regarding the closing of Cirino's Bar & Grill in Nevada City.

Jerry Cirino made it very clear that he was sadly closing a successful business after more than 30 years because new legislation put forth by the current administration has "deteriorated" his and other employers' ability to function as a small business. He described legislative changes and mandates that are creating an adversarial relationship between employer and employee and that would require employers to compromise their values.

Elections do indeed have consequences. The closing of Cirino's in Nevada City may only be the first of many of those consequences we see up close and personal in our own small town. Only time will tell.

Terry McLaughlin

Nevada City

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