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‘Educational’ meeting with LaMalfa

Reading the article about the Lyman Gilmore students touring our national treasures brought back fond memories of the school trips I took many years ago to Washington, D.C., with my classmates.

What better way for the students to see our government in inaction? And who better to explain the reason why the national monuments were closed to visitors than our local representative, Doug LaMalfa?

I find it hilariously scary that our elected representative, a Tea Party darling who would like to see our federal government drowned in a bath tub, who believes that the poor, the hungry, the ill and the elderly are nothing but a bunch of slackers, undeserving of government assistance, and who himself feeds heavily — over $5 million since 1995 from the USDA subsidy trough — would be the one.

What hypocrisy! His justification for the subsidies? It is payback for him having to tolerate and abide by the federal laws concerning his rice farming. What?

I think it is wonderful that the students were able to visit D.C. and hope that they, too, will remember their time there as exciting and educational. We need future "leaders," and they are our future.

Robert Wolaver

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